Photos of Diffraktion 2012

Photo by Teresa Delgado

Members of LaborBerlin introducing the screening program. Photo by Andreas Kebschull

Drowning Sun. Photo by Joe Kake

Nr.8. Photo by Joe Kake

Steinbergkurve. Photo by Joe Kake

Smart Phone. Photo by Juan David Gonzalez Monroy

Chéri Chéri. Photo by Andreas Kebschull

ChériChéri. Photo by Paul Prendergast

My vomit. Photo by Paul Prendergast


February 16th ‒ 18th 2012

Exhibition / Film Screening / Film Performances

LaborBerlin celebrates the analogue hand-processed film in a three-day event that includes an exhibition, a film program, and live film performances.

DIFFRAKTION is LaborBerlin’s very own annual event that showcases new works by its members and friends. After two successful editions in 2010 and 2011, LaborBerlin will once again take over Stattbad Wedding’s exhibition spaces and swimming pool hall. DIFFRAKTION will present a three-day exhibition, a film screening, and a performance night.

DIFFRAKTION kicks off with the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, February 16th at 6pm, and culminates on Saturday, February 18th with a film screening and special live acts. The closing party will take place in the swimming pool hall. LaborBerlin is proud to present Étienne Caire as a special guest. On Saturday evening Étienne Caire and Xavier Quérel will present their live cinema performance Chéri-Chéri-16mm projector, 33cl rock´n´roll.

February 17th ‒ 18th 2012
Fr ‒ Sa | 15h ‒ 20h
Opening | Thursday, 16th February 2012 | 6 pm
Free admission

With installations by Andreas Kebschull and Andreas Zech, Doireann O’Malley, Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn, Juan David Gonzales Monroy.

Film Screening / Performance / Party
February 18th 2012 | 8 pm
Admission 5 Euro

Film Screening
Super 8, 16mm and digital projections. Works by Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius; Arnaud Gerber; Jakob Kirchheim; Juan David Gonzales Monroy and Anja Dornieden; Nadja Tobias and Joen Szmidt; Blank Blank; Deborah Phillips; Guillaume Cailleau; Clara Bausch; Christopher Becks; Michel Balagué.

Juan David Gonzales Monroy, Anja Dornieden, Lewis Watkins and Tobias Duvefjord, Chéri-Chéri

Traditionally with the charming Rebeka Bar (Super8 and Vodka on wheels)
DJs: Edo Nisme; General Zaza; DJ Télépathe; Bill Robin
Visuals: Paul Prendergast; Nadja Tobias; Beatpix

DIFFRAKTION takes place with the friendly support Stattbad Wedding, screenshot und Filmkunsttechnik Olaf Saeger.

LaborBerlin e.V.
Gerichtstraße 65, 13347 Berlin
S+U Wedding , S Humboldthain

Press contact: Melissa Dullius,

Click here to download the English press release
Click here to download the German press release

Chéri-Chéri -16mm projector, 33cl rock´n´roll

Anja Dornieden & Juan Gonzalez - Oro Parece

Jakob Kirchheim - Linölbüro

Deborah S. Phillips ‒ iiii

Nadja Tobias & Joen Szmidt - Flugplatzkatzen

Michel Balagué - At the end of the night

#1.02 Guillaume Cailleau + Werner Dafeldecker

LaborBerlin’s Loop Orchestrator Guillaume Cailleau collaborates with Werner Dafeldecker on a live cinema performance this upcoming Saturday at Regenbogen Kino, starting 8:30pm. The performance will be followed by a concert by the French musician Antez. Clearly a MUST-see for radical cinephiles!

# 1.02
Performance by Guillaume Cailleau and Werner Dafeldecker
(2 super 8 projectors with loops and feedback mixer. 15 min.)

Tangible sound, beating under the skin, wrapped into an envelope of stereo film projection. The sound is accomplished within the vibrating human body, elevating it in its firm grip, allowing to transcend into a different space/time. Two super 8mm projectors create a vibrating space for this body, wrapping it in the pulsing of colors, the interfering frequencies of light. A transcendent analogue experience, physical, radical, handmade, and live.

Regenbogen Kino
Saturday October 29th, 8:30 PM
Lausitzer str. 22 in Berlin Kreuzberg
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From 11-14 August the film collective and laboratory LaborBerlin presents Intricate Machines at the project space MicaMoca in Berlin Wedding.

Intricate Machines consists of an exhibition with film and video installations, slide shows and sound works from various artists. The exhibition opens on Thursday, 11 August at 8pm.

On Saturday, 13 August there will be a night of performances starting at 6pm with a live sitcom shoot, followed by a series of film performances, culminating in a collective film performance with 25 film projectors by LaborBerlin and guests.

Participating artists:
Nike Arnold, Clara Bausch, Christopher Becks, cinema copains, Guillaume Cailleau, Werner Dafeldecker, Distruktur, Anja Dornieden, Annette Frick, Svetlana Ivanova, Andreas Kebschull, Sara Lehn, Marcin Malaszczak, Juan David Gonzales Monroy, Irene Revolte, Carrie Roseland, Mantas Salcius, Gabriel Rossell Santillan, Michal Shilo, and members of the LaborBerlin collaborative as Loop Orchestra

See you there!

MicaMoca, Lindower Strasse 22 S/U Wedding

Intricate Machines flyer (front)
Intricate Machines flyer (back)
watch some documentation of the event here


S A V E by Roger Beebe

Saturday // June 18th // 6:00 pm (on time) // Friendly reminder! LaborBerlin invites everyone to come out and see two traveling film programs: Cut + Run from California, and FLEX FEST from Florida, USA. The two short film programs comprise works on Super 8, 16mm film, and on video. Cut + Run curators Mallary Abel and Brenda Contreras, Flex founder and filmmaker Roger Beebe, and LaborBerlin member and filmmaker Philip Widmann will be at the show in person to present their works. Click here for the line up. The screening takes place at Panke at Gerichtstrasse 23, in Wedding.

Before the screening we’ll have a barbeque in Panke’s garden by the canal in good weather, or in Panke’s roofed driveway if it rains. We’ll start at around 6pm, come early, meet the filmmakers, programmers, and organisers, and hang out! After the screening there will be a record release party of DZA, who will play a complete live set with support by the Finest Ego DJ’s Area Boy, Binh, Gordon & Puzzle. The night will host a broad sonic mixture between Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Wonky and Glitch. Find more info about the party here.

Please note, the screening will start at 8:30 sharp, so please be on time!



Irma by Charles Fairbanks

Saturday // June 18th // 8:30 pm (on time!) // LaborBerlin is honored to host two traveling film programs: Cut + Run from California, and FLEX FEST from Florida, USA. The two short film programs comprise works on Super 8, 16mm film, and on video. Cut + Run curators Mallary Abel and Brenda Contreras, Flex founder and filmmaker Roger Beebe, and LaborBerlin member and filmmaker Philip Widmann will be at the show in person to present their works. The screening takes place at Panke at Gerichtstrasse 23, in Wedding. Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30!

Cut + Run presents: The Autonomy of Place
Gathering by Robert Todd
How to Draw Clouds by Salise Hughes
SAVE by Roger Beebe
Irma by Charles Fairbanks
5 Lessons and 9 Questions about Chinatown by Shelly Silver
Cusps by Sara Zia Ebrahimi
Passeggiata by Rick Bahto

Best of FLEX (vol. 2)
2005 Census by Bryan Boyce
Varfix by Kotaro Tanaka
Head Garden by Lilli Carré
Beaver Skull Magick by Steve Reinke
Collide-o-scope by Naren Wilks
Tokyo-Ebisu by Tomonari Nishikawa
Destination Finale by Philip Widmann
Light from the Mesa by Paul Clipson

S A V E by Roger Beebe

Traveling film festival, Cut + Run, hits the road again for their 3rd annual tour of experimental short films. This year C+R presents the work of American filmmakers from throughout the country each exploring the fringes of the Autonomy of Place. Each film uniquely investigates the capacities in which we recognize the politics and philosophies of the forgotten, overlooked, and sometimes untold landscapes of our time and place.

Cut and Run began in early 2009 in San Francisco as a single screening event at Artists Television Access. It has since evolved into an annual traveling film festival, nationally and now internationally, featuring experimental and avant-garde cinema, both contemporary and past works. C + R celebrates works that deviate from mainstream and traditional cinema and opt towards authentic, brave, challenging, stylized, alternative and imagined subjects.

Light from the Mesa by Paul Clipson

FLEX: the Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival presents a program of highlights from their 2011 biennial competitive festival. FLEX is interested in an expansive notion of experimental media. “Work may draw on documentary, animation, avant-garde, underground, or other traditions—or no traditions at all.“ As such the programming comprises a variety of mediums from 16mm direct animation to found video and from laconic place studies to experimental love poems.

Since its start in 2004, Flexfest has become one of the most important festivals for experimental media in USA, challenging us to rethink what ‘experimental’ means. Roger Beebe, who is the artistic director of Flexfest, and who is currently teaching a 5 week workshop at LaborBerlin, will present the program.

Tokyo-Ebisu by Tomonari Nishikawa

Analógika Screening

On Wednesday, April 6th, after our regular monthly meeting, we’ll present the Analógika workshop results at 10PM. During a 9-day-workshop, led by LaborBerlin members Linn Löffler and Michel Balagué, in Budapest, Hungary, 16 participants learned to work with analog film material (super 8 and 16 mm) including shooting, developing and editing.

films by:
Tamás Novinszki, Bálint Márk Túri, David Fekete, Szilárd Szarvas, Mihály Lukács, Csilla Latos, Vékony Dorottya, Charles Thibeault, Ember Sári, Róbert Sági, Ákos Nyoszoli, Ilona Fedor, Marin Coper, Irina Ioana Alexiu, Norbert Tihanics, and Mikulik Péter Huba