Meanwhile at LaborBerlin

Cleaning and putting together the Contact Printer

Last week, Mantas, Silvia and Michel worked on the contact printer which was hauled over from l’Abominable a few months ago. They cleaned, and cleaned again, and again cleaned a bit more … and put some pieces together: One of the main missing parts is an electricity transformer, one that will convert 
220V to 110V. Any clues where to get one? Please send us a message!

Our Thoughts Are With You

Sad news reaches us that our friends at l’Abominable have been pushed out from their space. We know how hard it is to find an adequate, affordable home to equipment, machines, cameras, projectors, flatbeds, viewers, animation stands, printers, baths, watering spaces, and communal spaces, and to maintain them all. Our very best wishes in finding a new home, and please know you are always welcome with us in Berlin. Here is the message from Paris:

“15 years after landing in the basement of 30, rue Bernard Jugault in Asnières, L’Abominable has no choice but to free up the space it has been using ever since. Crooks and liars after big money got the final say and we have to free up the space before July 31st.

The situation is the same for Christophe that lives upstairs and has been helping us a million times since he’s been around, and the ten other subletters that battled together with us since last fall.

As for us specifically, with the help of our members, we’ve been taking apart our machines and equipment for a few weeks now in preparation for storage. The six months we spent trying to find a new space were’nt enough to find a place we can directly move in but the city of La Courneuve is offering us crucial storage space. The culture people there would like us to set up in that city and we’re working with them and funding bodies towards such a perspective.

But whatever solution comes through for the complete lab, it will take a bit of time so we’re organizing to have a temporary space where can offer the minimum services in the meantime.

A period in the history of L’Abominable is ending. Once again, thank you to all of you that helped since last November, whether by signing the petition, sending us encouragement, of offering some of his time or ideas.

Be assured that we are determined to set up the lab again, make it even better and pursue our commitment to make production on celluloid possible in future years — one way or another. We’ll find a way !

A new l’ab is to be built.


LaborBerlin auf Arte

KurzSchluss # 541 – Zoom – LaborBerlin
Der Film verliert sein Handwerk. Heutzutage wird alles digitalisiert, sind die Kameras digital, ist der Computer ein Schneideplatz und die Filme bestehen aus Nullen und Einsen. Nicht so im LaborBerlin. Der als Verein organisierte kollektive Zusammenschluss von Filmemachern im Berliner Stadtteil Wedding hält die analoge Vorgehensweise aufrecht. Hier ist Handarbeit angesagt. Filme durchlaufen den chemischen Prozess der Entwicklung, Schneidetische rattern, Projektoren flackern und die Vereinsmitglieder unterrichten sich gegenseitig in Workshops. Romantik der Technik oder konsequente Gegenbewegung zum digitalen Anything Goes?

Artikel im Schmalfilm Magazin


Entwicklung im Schwimmbad – Besuch bei LaborBerlin
Wozu ehemalige Hallenbäder doch gut sein können! Zum Beispiel, um darin Filme zu entwickeln. Im Februar 2011 feierte das Kollektiv LaborBerlin sein erstes Jahr in den Räumen des Stattbads Wedding. Aus diesem Anlass sprach schmalfilm mit zwei Mitgliedern der ersten Stunde, Michel Balagué und Clara Bausch.

Was ist bei Euch anders als in einem kommerziell betriebenen Labor?
Clara Bausch: Wir sind ein Kollektiv und es geht uns in erster Linie um selbständiges und freies Arbeiten. Man kann bei der Laborarbeit selber auf den Entwicklungsprozess Einfluss nehmen und ist hierbei unabhängig von kommerziellen Entwicklungsfirmen. Es geht nicht so sehr darum, dass es Super-8-Entwicklung nicht mehr geben könnte, sondern um den Freiraum, sowohl vom finanziellen als auch kreativen Gesichtspunkt aus.


S A V E by Roger Beebe

Saturday // June 18th // 6:00 pm (on time) // Friendly reminder! LaborBerlin invites everyone to come out and see two traveling film programs: Cut + Run from California, and FLEX FEST from Florida, USA. The two short film programs comprise works on Super 8, 16mm film, and on video. Cut + Run curators Mallary Abel and Brenda Contreras, Flex founder and filmmaker Roger Beebe, and LaborBerlin member and filmmaker Philip Widmann will be at the show in person to present their works. Click here for the line up. The screening takes place at Panke at Gerichtstrasse 23, in Wedding.

Before the screening we’ll have a barbeque in Panke’s garden by the canal in good weather, or in Panke’s roofed driveway if it rains. We’ll start at around 6pm, come early, meet the filmmakers, programmers, and organisers, and hang out! After the screening there will be a record release party of DZA, who will play a complete live set with support by the Finest Ego DJ’s Area Boy, Binh, Gordon & Puzzle. The night will host a broad sonic mixture between Hip Hop, Electronic, Dubstep, Wonky and Glitch. Find more info about the party here.

Please note, the screening will start at 8:30 sharp, so please be on time!



Irma by Charles Fairbanks

Saturday // June 18th // 8:30 pm (on time!) // LaborBerlin is honored to host two traveling film programs: Cut + Run from California, and FLEX FEST from Florida, USA. The two short film programs comprise works on Super 8, 16mm film, and on video. Cut + Run curators Mallary Abel and Brenda Contreras, Flex founder and filmmaker Roger Beebe, and LaborBerlin member and filmmaker Philip Widmann will be at the show in person to present their works. The screening takes place at Panke at Gerichtstrasse 23, in Wedding. Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30!

Cut + Run presents: The Autonomy of Place
Gathering by Robert Todd
How to Draw Clouds by Salise Hughes
SAVE by Roger Beebe
Irma by Charles Fairbanks
5 Lessons and 9 Questions about Chinatown by Shelly Silver
Cusps by Sara Zia Ebrahimi
Passeggiata by Rick Bahto

Best of FLEX (vol. 2)
2005 Census by Bryan Boyce
Varfix by Kotaro Tanaka
Head Garden by Lilli Carré
Beaver Skull Magick by Steve Reinke
Collide-o-scope by Naren Wilks
Tokyo-Ebisu by Tomonari Nishikawa
Destination Finale by Philip Widmann
Light from the Mesa by Paul Clipson

S A V E by Roger Beebe

Traveling film festival, Cut + Run, hits the road again for their 3rd annual tour of experimental short films. This year C+R presents the work of American filmmakers from throughout the country each exploring the fringes of the Autonomy of Place. Each film uniquely investigates the capacities in which we recognize the politics and philosophies of the forgotten, overlooked, and sometimes untold landscapes of our time and place.

Cut and Run began in early 2009 in San Francisco as a single screening event at Artists Television Access. It has since evolved into an annual traveling film festival, nationally and now internationally, featuring experimental and avant-garde cinema, both contemporary and past works. C + R celebrates works that deviate from mainstream and traditional cinema and opt towards authentic, brave, challenging, stylized, alternative and imagined subjects.

Light from the Mesa by Paul Clipson

FLEX: the Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival presents a program of highlights from their 2011 biennial competitive festival. FLEX is interested in an expansive notion of experimental media. “Work may draw on documentary, animation, avant-garde, underground, or other traditions—or no traditions at all.“ As such the programming comprises a variety of mediums from 16mm direct animation to found video and from laconic place studies to experimental love poems.

Since its start in 2004, Flexfest has become one of the most important festivals for experimental media in USA, challenging us to rethink what ‘experimental’ means. Roger Beebe, who is the artistic director of Flexfest, and who is currently teaching a 5 week workshop at LaborBerlin, will present the program.

Tokyo-Ebisu by Tomonari Nishikawa

Widmann & Kowalski’s Trailer for IKFF

[vimeo] Please check out the brand new trailer for this year’s edition of the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg (IKFF). We’re very proud to say that the film was made on our Crass animation stand, which was introduced to our lab early this year. It’s one of many ongoing creative collaborations at LaborBerlin, with Philip Widmann as director, Clemens Kowalski as director of photography, and sound design by Roman Vehlken (and Widmann).

Point It At Gran

Dear all, you are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition Point It At Gran, featuring works by Clara Bausch, Rick Buckley, Sebastian Dacey, Iris van Dongen, Fabian Fobbe, Valentin Just, and Malte Urbschat. Friday May 20th, at 19:00 – open end.

Exhibition on view May 21st and 22nd, 13:00 – 17:00

Urbanstrasse 100
2. Hinterhof / 1. OG
10967 Berlin (U-Bhf Hermannplatz)