26-27th June 2014
Photos: Ziad Tareq Hassan

Two days of Super 8 and 16mm screenings, performances and video installations to celebrate the end of Analogue Zone #3, showing the work of filmmakers and visual artists from Egypt, Germany, Greece, Brazil, and Columbia who have made films as part of Analogue Zone’s concluding workshop. Both events will contain panels and discussions with the participants, as well as guests from Berlin, Athens and Cairo.

Double Première: DISTRUKTUR im AUSLAND

Flyer_Distruktur im Ausland_01

LaborBerlin members Gustavo Jahn and Melissa Dullius, also known as Distruktur, will be showing two films for the first time in Berlin. The double premiere will happen in Ausland on January 26th at 8 pm .

I. In the traveler´s heart

Lithuania/Germany/Brazil – 2013, 16mm, colour, sound, 20min
Directed by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn

“The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape. In this place there’s also another presence, someone who’s very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?”

In the traveler´s heart, was shot last winter in Lithuania, during an artist residency at the Nida Art Colony. The film was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius with support of Goethe Institut Vilnius and took part at the group exhibition Ritual Room in April 2013.
In the traveler´s heart received recently an Honourable Mention of the Jury at Festival de Cinema de Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal and was screened at the Onde section of the Torino Film Festival in Italy.

II. Filme de Pedra
Germany/Brazil – 2014, 16mm, B&W, live sounds, 20min
Directed by Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius

“Who has ears to listen to the voice of stones?”

The second half of the program is the presentation of the mineral odissey Filme de Pedra. The film was shot in and around Berlin and in Florianópolis – Brazil, featuring stones from all over the world. Although some excerpts of Filme de Pedra have been exhibited in Berlin and São Paulo, what expects you on sunday is beyond preview and synopsis.
Filme de Pedra was entirely processed and copied by hand in LaborBerlin e.V.
During the projection of  Filme de Pedra sounds and music will be performed live.



 Jan 26th 2014 – Sunday – 8 pm

 Admission 7€ / 5€


Territory for experimental music, performance and art

Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin

Contact: mail@distruktur.com

Ausland: http://www.ausland-berlin.de/

Distruktur: http://www.distruktur.com

Facebook event: http://on.fb.me/KSUeNQ

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BLITZ – in der Reihe Bremer Super-8-Abend


Im Rahmen des bundesweiten KURZFILMTAGS am Samstag, 21. Dezember präsentieren das Filmbüro Bremen e.V. und das CITY 46 ab 21.00 Uhr das Kurzfilmprogramm BLITZ, auf das man gespannt sein darf.

Austerity Measures (2012) von Guillaume Cailleau und Ben Russell, Sketches is a memory (2012/13) von Iana Stefanova, Stamford Hill (2009) von Sara Lehn, Vanishing Cinema #3 (2013) von Linn Löffler und Clara Bausch, Im Garten der Libidasia (2007) von Lilja und Linn Löffler, Hanseatic (2010) von Clara Bausch, Warum? von Ruth Wirklich (1947), Der Spaziergang (2013) von Margaret Rorison, The Handeye (Bone Ghosts) (2012) von Anja Dornieden und Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Guillaume Cailleaus Abdou’s Dread in Theatro Argentina, Roma (2013), Beyrouth, Automne 2005 (2006) von Leïla Saadna,  FOTO KINO (2013) von Distruktur, Philip Widmanns Untitled [Espaces Sociaux #1] (2010) und A/M Spring Version (2012), At the End of the Night (2012) von Michel Balague sowie Ritournelle (2012) von Christopher Becks und Peter Miller.

21.12.2012     21Uhr

City 46 – Kommunalkino Bremen e.V. / Birkenstr. 1 / 28195 Bremen

Weitere Informationen unter www.filmbuero-bremen.de


Distruktur @ Künstlerinnenprogramm at Arsenal

LaborBerlin´s members Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn, also known as Distruktur, will present a filmperformance in Arsenal this weekend.
The presentation will happen within the frame of Künstlerinnenprogramm. Kino Arsenal will be showing -from october 24th to 27th- works by those awarded funding in the last two years of the Berlin Cultural Affairs Department’s Female Artists’ Program.


A man and a woman in a cargo ship trip.

A city portrayed through its empty grounds and construction spots.

A room inhabited by a couple and an angel.


The filmperformance prepared for Kino Arsenal consists of a double 16mm projection with live sounds: voice, music and noise.

Fluxus et Refluxus
October 26th – Sat
Kino 2
More info about Künstlerinnenprogamm in Arsenal´s website

Art Eats Brunch

Art Eats Brunch

Tomorrow, Sunday JULY 17 // 12:00-18:00 // at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies // Waldemarstr. 37A, Kreuzberg // What better way to farewell the weekend than with a long, lazy and delicious brunch? Prepared especially by artist-run FOODGASM Berlin and the nowMomentnow team. FOODGASM’s approach takes full advantage of seasonal, locally available ingredients to create unexpected taste sensations. So bring your taste-buds to the table and we will bring the rest, including live music from sweet sensation Jess Lewis, gourmet Australian coffee provided by Ruby Rabbit and a showcase of past and upcoming projects. You can choose to indulge in the set-menu, complete with a complementary prosecco and gift-bag on arrival; or order á-la-carte. No need to RSVP, just roll up with your friends and local drag sensation Mysti will guide you to your table with rooftop views from Node Center’s awesome warehouse loft setting in the heart of Keuzberg.

Kuhle Wampe Revisited

Kuhle Wampe Revisited

Audio Visual Research Workshop in Berlin – “Kuhle Wampe Revisited”
With the New Yorker Collective Red Channels

How is it possible to invent new forms of solidarity in times of imposed capitalist absurdity? How can we define new spaces of struggle against the suffering of budget cuts, mass unemployment and nationalist threat? And not what is to be done, but how is it to be done?

“Kuhle Wampe, or Who Owns The World” was a communist avant-garde cinema project conceived in the Berlin summer of 1932, under an atmosphere of no money, no time, and extreme political oppression. Immediately censored after its release by both the German state and the Soviet Union, Kuhle Wampe explores the tension between the petite bourgeoisie family and the principle of collective solidarity.
We hope to facilitate a collective response to the film, open to all.
Using video as our primary means of documentation, we invite everybody to collaborate with us on this research project, which is open to any media or practice.

We want to reimagine, retrace, remix, reenact, and reload Kuhle Wampe.
 We want to film, perform, intervene, interrogate, walk, bike and sing Kuhle Wampe.
We want to create a cinematic compilation of our collective responses to Kuhle Wampe.

Free. Bring equipment if you have it.
 Languages: German, English, Denglish.

Sign up to participate: martyna@redchannels.org

Click here for details regarding time and place,
and find more information about the event series “SUICIDE OR SOLIDARITY?” organized by Red Channels.


Das STATTBAD Wedding und LaborBerlin e.V. laden ein zu DIFFRAKTION.

Vom 15. bis 19. Februar werden unter diesen Titel Filminstallationen im Rahmen einer Ausstellung, sowie Filme und Filmperformances präsentiert.
Ein Jahr nach der Eröffnung der neuen Räume im Stattbad Wedding öffnet LaborBerlin die Türen seines Zuhauses und zeigt Arbeiten seiner Mitglieder, von Freunden des Labors und assoziierten Filmlaboren.

DIFFRAKTION bezeichnet die Ablenkung von Lichtstrahlen und die Veränderung der Wellenform des Lichts an einem Hindernis. Die technisch-ästhetische Klammer der gezeigten Arbeiten bilden die Verwendung und Bearbeitung von analogem Filmmaterial und daran anschließend Fragen nach der Bedeutung und dem Wert der Materialität sowie nach den Modi unabhängiger und kollektiver Arbeit mit dem analogen Bild. Film ist, im Gegensatz zu digitalen Bildmedien, immer noch der am längsten haltbare Bildträger, und seine künstlerische Verwendung stellt gewissermaßen eine Antithese zur Arbeit mit Video dar: Das Arbeiten mit Film abseits kommerzieller Strukturen erfordert sowohl eine besondere Ökonomie im Umgang mit dem Material als auch die Bereitschaft zur Zusammenarbeit und zum Austausch von Wissen.

LaborBerlin e.V. ist ein unabhängiges nichtkommerzielles Filmlabor, das für alle offen ist, die an selbstorganisierten Initiativen und speziell an analoger Filmpraxis interessiert sind. Als Kollektiv dient LaborBerlin dem Austausch von Ideen und Erfahrungen rund um die Arbeit mit Film.

How to Catch a Mole, Juan David Gonzales Monroy

15. Februar – 19. Februar
Mi – Sa | 14h – 19h
Vernissage | Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011 | 18h
Eintritt frei

Clara Bausch, Guillaume Cailleau, Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn, Juan David Gonzales Monroy, Mark André Pennock, Irène Revolte und Leïla Saadna

LIFTN, Constantin Hartenstein

Film Screening
Freitag, 18.02. | 20h
Eintritt 2€

Nike Arnold, Cedric Gaul-Berrard (L’Abominable / Paris), Vassily Bourikas & Yannis Yaxas (LabA / Athen), Lucile Desamory, Anja Dornieden, Mat Fleming, Constantin Hartenstein, Clemens Kowalski, Karsten Krause, Benjamin Krieg, Sara Lehn, Max Linz, Juan David Gonzales Monroy und Sophie Watzlawick.

Negative Transit, Cedric Gaul Berrard

Film Performances / Party
Samstag, 19. Februar | 20h
Eintritt 4€

Ab 21:00 audiovisuelle Performances von a_cis & pom piet (Diapositiv & Musik), Nike Arnold, Clara Bausch, Mikko Gaestel, Sara Lehn, Greg McLaren, Linn Löffler (16mm mit Live-Vertonung), Juan David Gonzales Monroy (16mm & Diapositiv) und Sylwek Luczak (Diapositiv, Musik & Super8) + Musik von Fräulein Schein

Ab 24:00 Party mit DJ Télépathe, Hubertus Bronko, Bill Robin u.A.
Visuals von Beatpix und Distruktur.

LaborBerlin e.V. im STATTBAD Wedding | Gerichtsraße 65 | S+U Wedding , S Humboldthain | Pressekontakt: janinejembere@gmail.com

The Proof of the Pudding Est a Manger, Irène Revolte