Book – Film in the Present Tense

This book brings together contributions from participants and guests of Film in the Present Tense – International Symposium on Current Developments in Analog Film Culture, held in Berlin. It reflects a contemporary discussion around the use, value and purpose of analogue film from a multiplicity of perspectives: artists, filmmakers, scholars, archivists, curators, technician s and manufacturers. Film in the Present Tense intends to provide a documentation of the collective momentum that characterized the symposium and it responds to the persistent desire to keep talking about analogue film.

Edited by L.Greenfield, D. S. Phillips, K.Schroedinger, B.Speidel and P. Widmann
Designed by Anne Retsch

Available at Archive Books! – link here

Film to the people

Date: September 16, 2018 at 8 pm
Location: Roter Salon, Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 10178 Berlin


LaborBerlin presents a selection of recent films and performances made by its members at Roter Salon on September 16. These works give testimony to the value of individual freedom achieved through collaboration, solidarity and mutual support.


Bernd Lützeler – Digital Rituals in the Analogue Cloud – 8 min
(single channel Super-8 with Guido Möbius playing live music)

Björn Speidel – Tree Again 2 – 8 min
(3x 16mm with live sound)

Sophie Watzlawick – Sans Lune – 12 min
(single channel 16mm)

Laurence Favre – Resistance – 11 min
(single channel 16mm)

Luisa Greenfield
– Imago Mundi – 6 min
(single 16mm with live performance lecture)

Natalia Fentisova – Soul – 1 min
(single channel 16mm)

Katrin Eissing/ Melina Pafundi – Gedenken – 9 min
(single channel 16mm)

Johnny Welch – Discharge Working II – 5 min
(single channel 16mm)

Anja Dornieden/ Juan David Gonzalez Monroy – The Hot & the Cold – 25 min
(16mm, slide projection, fog with live sound)

Busenvolk – 20 min
(expanded concert)

More info and tickets here.

Film in the Present Tense – Photos

A big thank you to everyone that attended, organized and participated in FILM IN THE PRESENT TENSE!

It was a wonderful event. We’re happy to see so much interest in the well being of analog film. We’re eager to continue the discussion. Thanks for making our community stronger!

Pilot Residency Report – Andrew Kim

Report by Andrew Kim

As the LaborBerlin Pilot Artist in Residence (July 2016), I was asked to work with the lab’s newly acquired Crass Animation Stand and Optical Printer System. This was an opportunity to advance past work involving interference patterns, or the “Moiré effect”. Prior to the residency, I finished a film titled, Temples it Knows No Longer. This film employs animation and multiple exposure techniques, in combination with filtered light, to create a motion picture mandala. Here, superimposed colors rotate and blend according to patterns created by interlacing circles. In an effort to further develop this technique, I sought to replace moving images where there had previously been only colored light.

The process involved animating a matte, and from that, printing its reverse or counter matte.

Both seen here:

These matte elements were then optically printed, along with filmed footage, to create a composite of two moving images.

The tests can be seen here:

The footage brought together in these composite images was photographed at Field Station Berlin, located on the outskirts of what was formerly West Berlin. This site is significant as a bygone NSA “listening post”, an American installation designed to intercept East German transmissions. Though defunct, the Field Station inspired me to consider the contemporary debate concerning political boundaries in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere. I am exploring how the interference patterns, applied to such imagery, provide a way to visualize and assess this ongoing dialogue. The tests serve as part of a current project exploring the notion of borders (and crossings), both real and virtual.

As a side project I also created a short animation using a book purchased from a secondhand shop near LaborBerlin. The text, an instructional manual, comprises step-by-step images of Judo throws in sequence. I photographed them to reconstitute the movement inherent in these still images across time. It’s a fun movie. It’s called Umarmungen, or Hugs in English.



Campaign FILM AIN’T DEAD ends

Dearest LaborBerlin 2.0 Supporters!


Last night the impossible happened!   Overnight we reached an unbelievable 101% of our funding goal!  Every one of us at LaborBerlin is absolutely drowning in gratitude for all the support and donations that have flooded in over the last 6 weeks of our campaign.  For everyone who could not donate but supported us in countless other ways we are also incredibly grateful!

We are on top of the world right now to know that great things can happen when enough people gather around and demand to see a change!

From the very beginning we had no idea that we could grow such a strong movement.  But what was clear already is that throughout this campaign LaborBerlin has been changing.  We have reached beyond ourselves and contextualised who we are, both locally in Berlin, but also globally amongst the network of awesome analogue activists from Indonesia to Cairo to Toronto and everywhere in-between.  We are humbled by our incredible new connections to others who also demand that analogue film is here to stay. & we dreamed about what we want to see for the future!

But it is each and everyone of our ANALOGUE FILM WARRIORS who has made this possible!  We really made some noise together!!  & LaborBerlin is already expanded with all your voices shouting out loudly with us that FILM AIN’T DEAD!!!!

Thank you a thousand million times from the very bottom of our analogue beating hearts!

Please look at our campaign page here: www.igg.me/at/filmaintdead


Check the support videos:
You Karim Aïnou:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=veUMk0fDo60
Laszlo Nemes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjxJmv14fSM
Tamás Zányi: www.vimeo.com/158834236
Liz Rosenfeld: www.vimeo.com/159331314


LaborBerlin 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD

FILM AIN’T DEAD – https://igg.me/at/filmaintdead – our crowd-funding campaing is getting to the end and we need your help!!! We are absolutely overwhelmed and excited by the incredible support that has been mustered up in the last 24 hours!  A MASSIVE THANK YOU to each and every one of our 363 donors and everyone else who has been supporting us in so many other ways!

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.55.14

We are so so so close to reaching our goal!  We need to raise 8247€ in these last 2 days!  We can do this with YOUR support! It seems unbelievable – but if each and every one of our supporters raised just another 24€ from their friends we will reach our goal!

Please help us reach out to new supporters. Every phone-call, every message on facebook, and every email makes a huge difference!

Check & support the campaign here: https://igg.me/at/filmaintdead


Big thank-you to everyone who came last weekend to DIFFRAKTION #6! It was an incredible night with so many wonderful films and live-film performances. It was an honor to host 2 awesome guest programs with Amanda Thomson from IRIS film collective (Vancouver/Canada) and Rizki Lazuardi from Lab Laba-Laba, Indonesia. That night we also launched our new initiative and crowdfunding campaign, LABORBERLIN 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD.


Photos © Joe Kake / Joe K. Photography


Saturday February 6th
SilentGreen Kulturquartier / Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin 13347
Doors open at 7pm. Films begin at 7.30pm

The annual showcase of new films and expanded cinema works by LaborBerlin members and international guests.

On this very special occasion in 2016, LaborBerlin launches their new initiative, LABORBERLIN 2.0 – FILM AIN´T DEAD, a funding campaign to support the expansion of this independent film-lab as a commitment to the future of film and diversity in film-making practice. As one of the last remaining commercial film-labs in Germany closes its doors, LaborBerlin is trying to raise funds to purchase this equipment and keep film alive. All proceeds from DIFFRAKTION will be donated to the new initiative.

Full program and more info: www.laborberlin-film.org/diffraktion
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1497184297254728


Photoplay Series N.2 – Distruktur

Date: Wednesday December 2nd 2015
Doors open at 19h30 – Screening 20h
Location: Spektrum Berlin – Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin

Curated by Klara Ravat


During the second edition of the Experimental Film screenings series Photoplay taking place at Spektrum we are very glad to present a program by Distruktur. The Brazilian duo based in Berlin will be present to introduce us to three of their films: Triangulum, Cat Effekt and In the Travelers Heart.

Distruktur are Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn, artists and filmmakers working as a duo since 2007. They have an extended filmography of experimental works which have been shown in venues and festivals such as Berlinale, Torino, Moscow IFF and Videobrasil, as well as in New Museum in New York, Paço das Artes in São Paulo, and Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre. They work as well with photography, music and installation. Gustavo and Melissa changed Brazil for Berlin in 2006 where they encountered a group of people who was willing to create an independent film collective, known in the present as LaborBerlin e.V, an artist-run space for analogue film practice embracing a more experimental and D.I.Y. craft approach to film production.

Even if their work could have similarities with narrative films as they often use scripts, actors and costumes we can situate their pieces in the experimental field, sometimes close to a surrealist style that forgets time and places space somewhere in a disrupted time line.

The first two films will be shown digitally and the last one as 16mm.


TRIANGULUM | 16mm | Egypt, Germany, Brazil | 22min | 2008
On the edge of the abyss a troupe of three meets faith, who appears in the form of a young woman. They are transported to an eastern metropolis, not knowing where to go or what to do. Random signs are the only directions to follow and will lead each one of them on a different journey. In perpetual movement, paranoids, they go further in search of balance.

CAT EFFEKT | 16mm | Russia, Germany, Brazil | 40min | 2011
A woman goes alone through the streets of Moscow, getting on and off subway trains and underground passages on her way to a meeting that includes a screening of a film about a cat. And that’s it; or so it is for those who believe the plot is the best part of cinema. The Jahn-Dullius duet makes an enigmatic film between abstraction and trance. Because as they search for that visual purity that’s historically connected to experimental cinema–equally far from theatrical as from the written word– Cat Effekt leaves one thing clear: cinema is all about images. – Adapted from BAFICI catalog 2011 IN

THE TRAVELER ́S HEART | 16mm | Lithuania, Germany, Brazil | 20min | 2013
The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape.In this place there’s also another presence, someone who’s very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?