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The Circle, the Triangle, the Rectangle and the Crossing

15.09-2016 — 18.09.2016, 15h – 20h
Studio Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Auguststraße 26, 10117 Berlin

An installation of projectors, made by LaborBerlin members Antonio Castles and Lucas Maia, that deals with polarised light, the idea of stereoscopy and the decomposition of the moving image. It will be displayed in the studio of the artist duo Nina Fischer and Maroan el Sani (Fischer el Sani in the doorbell).


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Date: October 15 – 18, 2015
Location: Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin


We’re happy to announce that LaborBerlin members Anja Dornieden and Minze Tummescheit are showing recent work as part of the Künstlerinnenprogramm screening series at the Arsenal. Anja and co-director Juan David González will present their film The Masked Monkeys on Friday, October 16 and Minze and co-director Arne Hector will present their film Fictions & Futures #1 on Saturday, October 17. Their will be a discussion with the filmmakers after the screening.

Distruktur – perspectives – on moving

Thursday, 28 May 2015, 21:00
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2 / 10115 Berlin-Mitte

A program of shorts by the artist couple Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn with some new and rare films, some German and Berlin premiers. Distruktur — Dullius and Jahn — claim a space fluctuating somewhere between the big and small cinema. Consequently working with analogue film while shooting and mostly also developing their own material, their films seem to create a kinematic time-space that is distinct from the ordinary even though they often use film settings of daily life.

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Abril | Brazil | 12:23min | 2002
Triangulum | Egypt, Germany, Brazil | 22min | 2008
Time Machine | Brazil, Germany | 5:15min | 2015
Don’t Look Back/ Labirinto | 16mm | Germany | 6min | 2012
In the Traveler’s Heart | 16mm | Lithuania, Germany, Brazil | 20min | 2013

Some films will be screened as video, some as 16mm.
The artists will be present for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

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Press Links: Z-Bar / Directors Lounge

Filmesperformance – Distruktur

Date: Thursday, April 30 2015
Screening: 8:30pm (doors open 8pm)
Location: N.K. Projekt – Elsenstr. 52 / 2.Hinterhaus 2.OG / 12059 Berlin Neukölln

Filmesperformance is the title of the series of shows by Distruktur that characterize by the presence of the authors during the moment of projection. This presence can influence and affect the projection in different ways: mainly through the production of sound simultaneously to the film projection – music, text, noise – but also altering the image itself, through the manipulation of the projectors. The idea of something unrepeatable gains here another dimension, as itʼs not only the live act that canʼt not be fully repeated, but the films itself are mainly work-in-progress projects, fuelled by the authorsʼ constant production and therefore concretely changing each time they are exhibited, either through a new cut or through new images and sounds that enter each filmʼs constellation.



20 min, 16mm, optical sound, 2013
Blessed is the one who waits in the travelerʼs heart for his turning. (L. Cohen, Poem 50)



3 min, 16mm, live music, 2012-2015
Erik Haegert (synth, voice)
Gustavo Jahn (guitar) Melissa Dullius (voice)
Bitter taste gives sweet feeling.

6 min, 16mm, live music, 2015
Amélie Legrand (cello)
Tatsumi Ryusui (guitar effects)
A night walk in four movements.

III. PRETO E BRANCO (Black and White)
10 min, 2 x 16mm, live music, 2015
Chatschatur Kanajan (violin)
The images that pass on the retina in my eyes—why wonʼt you set?
You pass like crystalline waters through a fountain to never again. (Camilo Pessanha, Clepsydra)

30 min, 16mm, work-in-progress since 2011
live sounds and music Eric Menard (voice)
Gustavo Jahn (guitar, synth)
Melissa Dullius (percussion, voice, synth)
Who has years to listen to the voice of stones?

9 min, 2 x 16mm, live music, 2015
Erik Haegert (synth)
A constant flow caused by an electric-maritime stream that crosses bodies, minds and spaces.


DISTRUKTUR Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn are Brazilian artists and filmmakers engaged in analogue film and photography as an expressive artistic medium. They met in Porto Alegre in 1999, and shared their trajectories since then. In the end of 2006 on board a cargo ship crossing the Atlantic they formed DISTRUKTUR.

Their work, mainly in 16mm, stands on the intersection of film, performance and installation art. Filmʼs physicality gives it strength as a material for experimentation, through chemical manipulation, printing and reprinting, in- camera effects or through direct mechanical manipulation of the film material. Distrukturʼs work merges a reflection on the state of the medium with a strong research in narrative/ artistic-cinematic language.
In their films, besides doing camera work, text and editing, they also appear as actors and create the soundtrack.
Currently the are working on their first feature film, in post-production phase. The duo lives and works in Berlin.


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Double Première: DISTRUKTUR im AUSLAND

Flyer_Distruktur im Ausland_01

LaborBerlin members Gustavo Jahn and Melissa Dullius, also known as Distruktur, will be showing two films for the first time in Berlin. The double premiere will happen in Ausland on January 26th at 8 pm .

I. In the traveler´s heart

Lithuania/Germany/Brazil – 2013, 16mm, colour, sound, 20min
Directed by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn

“The winter reigns as the Traveler crosses by feet an ancient landscape. In this place there’s also another presence, someone who’s very similar to the Traveler. Does the Traveler realise this figure that cohabits the same space as him? Is the other a guardian angel or a devil?”

In the traveler´s heart, was shot last winter in Lithuania, during an artist residency at the Nida Art Colony. The film was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius with support of Goethe Institut Vilnius and took part at the group exhibition Ritual Room in April 2013.
In the traveler´s heart received recently an Honourable Mention of the Jury at Festival de Cinema de Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal and was screened at the Onde section of the Torino Film Festival in Italy.

II. Filme de Pedra
Germany/Brazil – 2014, 16mm, B&W, live sounds, 20min
Directed by Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius

“Who has ears to listen to the voice of stones?”

The second half of the program is the presentation of the mineral odissey Filme de Pedra. The film was shot in and around Berlin and in Florianópolis – Brazil, featuring stones from all over the world. Although some excerpts of Filme de Pedra have been exhibited in Berlin and São Paulo, what expects you on sunday is beyond preview and synopsis.
Filme de Pedra was entirely processed and copied by hand in LaborBerlin e.V.
During the projection of  Filme de Pedra sounds and music will be performed live.



 Jan 26th 2014 – Sunday – 8 pm

 Admission 7€ / 5€


Territory for experimental music, performance and art

Lychener Str. 60 10437 Berlin




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OJOBOCA – Directors Lounge screening


“Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy have worked together for several years, dedicating themselves to working with 16mm and Super-8 in the field of experimental film. In their films they often address questions that relate to society, with phenomena ranging from the relation between hypnosis and psychoanalysis, to the nostalgia for East-German doll houses, and to spatial imaginations connected to the idea of the private sphere. As members of Labor Berlin, they’re able to develop and print their own films. For them working with film also means to extend the possibilities of single film projection towards a layering of projections, which becomes itself a performance or a form of Expanded Cinema.” – Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy will be present for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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Directors Lounge

From eye to mouth, from mouth to eye @ Mindpirates

shoot blog

From eye to mouth, from mouth to eye:
A 16mm film screening by Anja Dornieden & Juan David Gonzalez Monroy

Wednesday, 06.02.2013 at 8:00 PM
Mindpirates | Schlesische Strasse 38 | Haus F (3rd Hinterhof) | 10997 Berlin

In the lost city of Inilosap film spectatorship was not considered a passive activity, much less entertainment. Film was considered a disease, a particularly contagious virus. One could not avoid it, and therefore had to be prepared for it. Children were not allowed to attend the films that were projected every night in the main square of the city. Attendance however was mandatory for all adults. To be allowed to watch a film, every child went through years of training. Completion meant entry into adulthood. At this stage they were lead into the main square and made to sit through their first screening with their backs to the screen. Nevertheless, on occasion, audience members were known to have perished while viewing the films. One story told of a man and a woman who burst into flames during a screening. They were hugging each other as they spontaneously combusted in the first row.

Most film rolls had no discernible creator. Although every citizen was trained in the use of cameras no one could recollect having created any particular set of images. Some films were credited to people that nobody seemed to know or remember. Because of its recognized danger the screen acquired sacred qualities. Films were screened in absolute silence and then discussed for days at a time. New edits were argued and then decided upon. Eventually the films supplanted the spoken word. The last found texts claim that the film virus mutated into a distinct type of telepathy and telekinesis. The Eyemouth they called it. Communication took place with and through the screen. The text states that with the power of their minds the films were reedited automatically and continuously throughout each screening. The films grew increasingly longer and the reediting process more elaborate. Before its demise, it seems the city had embarked on a mind controlled film project meant to supersede their known reality.

There is not much we know however about the specific contents of these Eyemouth films. At some point in time the screenings stopped and quite shortly thereafter all the citizens of Inilosap disappeared. A fire seems to have broken out afterwards erasing most traces of the city along with all the films. Some speculate that upon realizing their failure all the rolls of film were strewn across the entirety of the city. Every place and every object was wrapped in images of itself. Every citizen then wrapped him or herself in footage of themselves and then set him or herself on fire. Others suggest that it was the unprotected use of photographic chemicals that caused the fire and the death of all the citizens. Remains of what appears to be a rather large chemical factory have been found at an archeological site rumored to be the location of the lost city. Constant exposure to these chemicals would also lead to certain types of delusions and hallucinations that could explain the claims of spontaneous combustion, telepathy and telekinesis found in the historical record.

What you will see then is an attempt to recreate one of the Eyemouth film rolls. Because of the limited information that we have been able to obtain about their content or the specific manner in which they were assembled, we can most certainly say that our attempt will be a failure. However if any case of telepathy or telekinesis might arise please do not panic. You are free to manipulate the films with your mind as you please. But beware of the dangers involved. Reality has a tendency to resist control.

Program segments (with special intermissions):
You dirty little rat. Took us for a ride, did you? 16mm, 3 min, color, silent.
Awe Shocks 16mm, 3 min, color, sound.
Enter 16mm, 5 min, color, sound.
Eigenheim 16mm, 16 min. color, sound.
Come and dance with me 16mm, 4 min, color, sound.
How To Catch A Mole 16mm, 9 min, color, sound.
Oro Parece 16mm, 6 min, black & white, silent.

More info at Mindpirates

Directors Lounge Screening

Guillaume Cailleau: Bolex, Loves and Other Measures
16mm and Live Super-8 Performance
Thursday, November 29th 2012, 21h
Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Guillaume Cailleau bridges conceptual working methods with playful references to the avant-garde. This playful mix of forms, expanded cinema, experiments with human perception, and poetic compositions makes the viewing experience very enjoyable for its richness. His sincerity, combined with a joyful wink of the artist’s eye add to this impression. Explorations – or games – with color separation, the basics of color photography, are as much part his artistic arsenal as the lyric beauty of rich black and white contrast of high-con film combined associatively on an optical printer.

The artist will perform live, and will be available for Q&A.

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Distruktur September Calender

LaborBerlin members Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius will be showing works in 4 events in Berlin this month.

Sep 6th, Thursday, 18:00

Film Screening
in a garten near S+U Bahnhof Sonnenallee
Confirmation required:

Sep 9th, Sunday, 14-18h
Kino im Zelt – sessions beginning every full hour
Straßenfest Großgörschenstraße
S+U Bahnhof Yorkstraße

Sep 13th, Thursday, 21h
Interview Werkschau
Avi Kanal (video, film art & performance platform at cellar cinema)
August II.
Auguststraße 2 Mitte

Sep 25th, Wednesday, 19h
True True Name
Mad Kate´s Performance Salon
Carni Closet @ Exit
Wienerstraße 32 Kreuzberg

for more info:

Members’ News

LaborBerlin’s creative powerhouse DISTRUKTUR (Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn) will take part in a show called Performa Paço in Paço das Artes in São Paulo, where they will also be teaching a “film language” workshop and doing a performance with multiple 16mm projections in two shows, on the 18th and 19th of May. Click on the following links to find some information (in Portuguese) on the events: click here to find out about the workshop, and click here to find out about Distruktur’s screeningIn the week after, from the 22nd through the 26th of May, Dullius and Jahn go to Florianópolis to give a workshop as part of the Oficina Corpo Sensível for the second time (the first one was in Recife last November). It will be a LaborBerlin style workshop teaching how to shoot, develop and project 16mm films. Distruktur have packed projectors, lots of chemicals, and many many films in a dedicated attempt at bringing hand-made film culture back to where their artistic journey started, their home country, Brasil!